Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe & Beth cross Italy

Joe and Beth have made their way to Italy via ferry, now making their way accrouse Italy to Napoli. Their 1st stop- 6/17/2010 is a good one!

Just spent 2 hours in small mountain trattoria - they spoke no English, we were limited to Joe's Italian - they grow and make everything they serve, including the red wine. We took photographs and they gave us their address to send them copies. Joe bought some of their salami to take with us and we left with a gift from them - a bottle of their homemade red wine - Beth is a happy camper ;-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Italy segment

The middle Evans (Joe + Beth) left Dubrovnik Wed on overnight ferry (cabin "spacious" compared to trains!). Landed in Bari, Italy @ 7 AM Thurs but couldn't disembark until 8 because Italian police don't go to work until 8! All transportation has been an adventure!! Stopped in small mountain town for lunch while driving across Italy in rental car. Owners spoke no English and we were limited to Joe's Italian - but great meal and left with some of their homemade salami and wine, photos,and address to send copies of pictures. Ended up in Paestum Thurs afternoon - saw ruins and managed to get room at place Buffe and Ace stayed last fall! Fri Joe drove Amalfi coast to Sorrento - an arduous feat and Beth was suppose to be looking at scenery (with white knuckles and gasps of how close cliffs, autos, people, and buildings were to side mirror!). Really relieved when we made it to Sorrento and could turn in rental car! Went back to PPositano for lunch (an all day event) so Joe could actually see scenery! Raining buckets in Sorrento but still seeing great fireworks over Napoles Bay atnight fromour wonderful balconey. Plan on Pompei Mon, Capri Tues, Naples Wed, and long flight home Thurs.

The last Hours in Venice...

Today was/is the last day of the Grandma Evand Homeland Trip. Seems like just yesterday we were starting off with brothers Joe & Dave & Queens Beth & Becky. Tonight we pack as we leave in the am, Dave & Becky unpack in Cheyenne & Joe & Beth wind down in Napoli!
In our last hours Buffe and I took the slow boat down the Grand Canel, we actually waited for three boats so we could grab the front seats. The twilight made the colors come alive. You could feel the power and glory of Venice! The stupidity of man came in as we saw the 1st ghetto - Jews forced by the Venetians to live in a few blocks - this in about 1500. But then St Mark's Square, walk thru the streets, over the Acadamia Bridge, then to the last night restaurant for a second meal! Tonight lamb shank in a thyme sauce- superb! Gnochhi in a wine reduction - a trifle strong ...
Love to all!
When you travel bring a little love with you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


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What a beautiful, magical city! Nothing like in the world! Wondered all over yesterday but had time for the Academia, one of the word's great museam, and Museam Correa which includes 3 othes, saw multiple churches, a crypt, and more Tiepolo's , Tinteretto's, Bellini's etc that u can shake a stick at. A short nap then a most wonderful dinner. Gnocchi with a smoky cheese sauce for Buffe and a white Ragusa over taglielle(sp$ for me.
More later as we have two churches to hit and a boat ride down the Grand Canel...

Post from Venezia....

Not too many internet spots that we could see, but found one this morning and trying to catch up after 2 days of not being "connected"....we've had lovely weather, but this morning we woke up to cool, breezy, cloudy day. Were in Peggy Guggenheim museum for 2 hrs, it must have sprinkled while we were in there, the museum is very very good. Highly encourage anyone to see it.
Have eaten some great meals, I forgot to take photos (!) but will try to remember tonight....

Thursday, June 17, 2010


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Our time here is ended but beautiful memories we take with us. Over 70% of the buildings were damaged in the war of the 1990's but you would not know it. Yesterday I swam beneath the walls as they have done for 900 years and more. Today breakfast with brother Dave & lovely bride Becky, a final walkabout, beer & sandwich in the room and now the airport.
Best to all!

Adieu Dubrovnik!

Last morning in Dubrovnik. Joe & Beth left yesterday evening for Bari via the overnight ferry. They'll be adding their comments to this blog from: Bari, the drive to Sorrento, Sorrento & Napoli!! We leave today for Venice; Dave & Becky fly out for home tomorrow morning.
This has been a super great trip.
But before I say "adieu", a little re-cap of this truely beautiful city. Built in 1272, although parts are very very old. 1667 a huge earthquake hit , demolishing the city. The 1991-5 war, the citizens re-built most of everything with the world's help. It is a UNESCO Site. The walls are straight out of Knights of the Round Table. The water supply built in the 1200's is still used today. Everything is moved by hand-carts. There are a few very small motorized vehicles. Ace swam under the walls in the Adriatic yesterday. It was so refreshing!! The Adriatic is warm, some people swim all year long, it is so warm.